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Transfer Station Fees & Charges (located in Lindon)

Double Charge of All Non-Covered and Unsecured Loads. $12.00 minimum / $50.00 maximum

Mixed Waste - Participating Cities - Orem, Vineyard, Pleasant Grove, Lindon, American Fork, Cedar Hills, Highland, Lehi, Saratoga Springs 
500 pounds or less$ 12.00
501-1000 pounds$ 24.00
Over 1000 pounds$ 38.00 per ton
Mixed Waste - NonParticipating 
500 pounds or less$ 24.00
501-1000 pounds$ 48.00
Over 1000 pounds$ 76.00 per ton
Plant & Wood Waste 
Pickup size load$12.00 per load
Larger Loads$24.00 per load
Larger than a Large Pickup Load$28.50 per ton
Clean Concrete 
Level pickup load$12.00 per load
Larger than a level pickup size$12.00 per ton
Concrete containing rebar$28.50 per ton
Large concrete piece loads (larger than 1' thick)$28.50 per ton
Construction and Demolition 
Per Ton$28.50 per ton
Contaminated Soil & Industrial Waste 
Must have prior approval in addition to a TCLP or other approved documentation of lab analysis$50.00 per ton/$50.00 minimum charge
Animal Carcass 
Agriculture or Bulk$40.00 per ton / $40.00 minimum charge
Single small animal (i.e. sheep Dog, Goat or smaller)$10 each
Large Animal (Cow, Horse$20.00 each
(non-commercial customers only) regular tires - 4 included in mixed waste fee - Additional Tires$5.00 per tire
Commercial Truck Tires$12.00 per tire
Bulk Tires$150.00 per ton
Tires larger than 24 inch rim diameter are not accepted at the Transfer Station - They may be directly hauled to our C&D Landfill in Fairfield
Per household item$10.00
Weigh Fee 
Per weigh$5.00
Refrigerant Removal 
Per Unit$15.00
Special Handling Fee 
Items that require special handling; may be charged for any type of waste in addition to regular fee.$60.00 per ton & $60 minimum
Compost Sales 
Screened mulch$20.00 per cubic yard
Styrofoam & Bulk Waste 
Styrofoam$ 200.00 per ton
Mattresses$10.00 after first 2 included with mixed waste fee - public loads
Bulk Mattresses$195.00 per ton
HHW (Household Hazardous Waste) Applies to residences only - Businesses call 801-225-8538 x 101 
Paint - Based on Container SizeUp to 10 Gal - No Charge, $0.50 per gal after first 10 Gal.
Fluorescent Light TubesUp to 16 linear feet - No Charge, $0.30 per linear foot after first 16 ft.
Household Chemical (Pesticides, Cleaners, Fuels, Etc.) Based on Container SizeUp to 3 Gal - No Charge, $0.50 per gal after first 3 Gal.
Batteries (Car, Motorcycle, RV, Rechargeable, Typical Household Batteries)No Charge
Electronics$10.00 Each