Fees & Charges

Contaminated Soil & Industrial Waste

Must have prior approval in addition to a TCLP or other approved documentation of lab analysis
    $40.00 per ton/$40.00 minimum charge

Clean Concrete

  Level pickup load
$10.00 per load
  Larger than a level pickup size$9.00 per ton
  Concrete containing rebar
$25.00 per ton
  Large concrete piece loads (larger than 1' thick)
$25.00 per ton

Plant & Wood Waste

  Pickup size load
$8.00 per load
  Larger Loads
$20.00 per ton

Uncontaminated Soils

$5.00 per ton
  Mud$6.00 per ton

Mixed Waste - NonParticipating

  500 pounds or less
$ 16.00
  501-800 pounds$ 32.00
  Over 800 pounds
$ 69.00 per ton

Refrigerant Removal

Per Unit

Special Handling Fee

Extra large stumps, concrete, items that require special handling;
may be charged for any type of waste in addition to regular fee.
    $3.25 per ton & /or cubic yard

Please contact North Pointe Solid Waste Special Service District for any questions. 

​2000 West 200 South Lindon, UT 84042

Transfer Station, Lindon:  (801) 225-8538

Landfill, Fairfield: (801) 787-0669

Fax: (801) 225-8640

Double Charge of All Unsecured Loads. $4.00 minimum / $50.00 maximum


  (non-commercial customers only) regular tires
$3.00 per tire
  Commercial Truck Tires and Tractor Tires
$10.00 per tire
  Tractor Tires
$95.00 per tire

Mixed Waste - Participating

  500 pounds or less
$ 8.00
  501-800 pounds$ 16.00
  Over 800 pounds
$ 34.50 per ton

Compost Sales

Screened fines (we load)
    $20.00 per  cubic yard

Animal Carcass

  Agriculture or Bulk
$40.00 per ton / $40.00 minimum charge
  Single small animal (i.e. sheep or smaller)$15 each

Construction & Demolition Waste

  500 pounds or less
  Over 500 pounds $9.50 per ton
  Clean Concrete (no rebar)
 $6.00 per ton
 $6.00 per ton

Weigh Fee

Per weigh

Construction & Demolition Landfill (located in Fairfield)

Transfer Station  (located in Lindon)


 Per ton
$ 40.00

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Weigh Fee

Per weigh

Construction and Demolition

  Per Ton
$25.00 per ton


Per item